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Two Awards to IZTECH
Associate Professor Dr. Mustafa Emrullahoğlu of IZTECH Department of Physics and Associate Professor Dr. Devrim Pekşen Okur of IZTECH Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics have been given “The Most Successful Young Scientist of 2016” prize, which is awarded annually by TUBA (Turkish Academy of Sciences). 

This award is given every year with a view to encouraging young scientists who stand out on the international arena with their scientific studies in the fields of nature, engineering, health and social sciences. It is hoped that in this way these outstanding scientists will be best supported in their research and in developing their research groups. 

In 2016, following evaluations of 105 applicants, 31 scientists have been deemed worthy of prize. We congratulate our professors and wish them continued success. 

Son Güncelleme : Evrim Yakut 16.01.2017 15:42
İçerik Sorumlusu : İYTE MWO  
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