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With its 22 Master’s and 17 Doctorate programs, offering a sophisticated and research-centered education,  IZTECH Graduate School of Engineering and Science takes on a mission to train the lecturers and researchers of the future.

In accordance with IZTECH’s main philosophy based on the three principles of “Science-Design-Technology”, graduates are equipped with the qualifications required by the academia and the industry by means of educational and thesis studies. The medium of education is entirely English. The priority of the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Molecular Biology and Genetics is a graduate education paving the way for “paradigmatic scientific innovations” and emerging technologies. The Departments of Industrial Design, Architectural Restoration, Architecture and City Planning focus on a graduate education mainly based on “conceptual and technological design”. On the other hand, the Departments of Computer, Electrics and Electronics, Civil, Food, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering offer graduate education aiming at developing products with high added value in correlation with the industrial needs and using innovative technologies. Besides, The Departments of Environmental Engineering, Energy Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Biotechnology and Bioengineering are multi-disciplinary departments, which render graduate education in areas where individual disciplines overlap. The Department of Engineering Management is a multi-disciplinary and non-thesis (study-only) Master’s program and is undoubtedly worthwhile for engineers and architects working for various institutions.

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Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences
İzmir Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematics Building
35430, Gülbahçe, Urla - İzmir
Phone: 232 750 6352 - 6356
Fax: 232 750 63 55

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