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Industrial Design
Faculty of Architecture - Department of Industrial Design
Since 1995 The Department of Industrial Design has pursuid both a high technology centered industrial product design education, research and development. The Department offers a master of design program in Industrial Design. Master of design in Industrial Design is besides a research program and also a practice oriented program including subject of marketing and science-technology industry integration. The master design program put special emphasis on the intersection of design, technology and economy, the multidisciplinary character of the field. So the program encourages applicants from different background and disciplines such as engineering, architecture, interior design as well as does with industrial design degrees. Putting special emphasis on design as objects of daily life; highlighting the context of sociological dialectics as subject and object interactions,  program focuses on not only the relationship of ‘design’ with technology and science but also the relationship of it with sociology, philosophy and psychology.

Education focuses on mass production techniques, material properties, three dimensional modelling and represantational techniques, target user, marketing research, user and product relationships, etc. Both the needs of related industrial sectors in Turkey, and the short and long-term aims of the institute had played an important role in formation of the Departments education philosophy. The importance of design notion in the context of national culture; and supporting the design culture studies of Turkey are emphasized between the long term missions of the program.    


Prof. Dr. Serdar Kale
Chairperson (Act.)
90(232)750 7000


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