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Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
The Engineering Faculty is comprised of ten departments which are Computer Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Food Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering and the ones established in 2013 and 2014, Bioengineering, Environmental Engineering, and Energy Systems Engineering Departments.

All departments, excluding the recently established ones, provide education both at the graduate and undergraduate levels and the medium of instruction is English. Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to study minor and double majors. In our faculty, interdisciplinary education, internship, and research, and collaboration with international institutions are highly encouraged and education of the students at the recognized universities (via Erasmus, etc.) abroad for one or two semesters, where we have bilateral agreements, is promoted.

At the Engineering Faculty; a total of 25 projects, 22 of which were funded by national (TUBİTAK, SANTEZ, BAP), 2 of which were funded by international (EC) and 1 was funded by other resources were completed in 2014. Now, a total of 50 projects, 45 of which are funded by national (TUBİTAK, SANTEZ, BAP), 2 of which are funded by international (EC) and 3 are funded by other resources are successfully in progress. Besides projects, the members of the Engineering Faculty have been very productive in publishing national and international scientific papers. The faculty members also conduct projects in collaboration with leading private sectors and industries as well as providing consultancy services to these sectors and industries in our country.


Prof. Dr. Figen Korel
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