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Housing office was founded in 2010 to meet the accommodation needs of guests as well as undergraduate and graduate students. Its aim is to help the students who cannot take advantage of the dormitory of Credit & Housing Authority, which has a capacity of 688 people. The Office informs students about the private dorms in and around the campus, hostels and the houses for rent by publishing the necessary information on the website. It also builds up contact with the residential places that are consistent with the demands of the students.

On the campus four guest houses serve the students’ accommodation needs for a certain fee. The students to be admitted to the guest house must be the first on the waiting list of Credit & Housing Authority to be selected out considering their needs in the first place. The Institute is planning to host 42 undergraduate and 10 graduate students in the guest house in 2011-2012 academic year. 

The guest house is furnished with a washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, television and a small kitchen is available for use. General cleaning is done by the Institute cleaning personnel once every week.

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