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Brief History of the Institute

The proposal for the foundation of IZTECH was prepared by two İzmir parliamentarians – Rıfat Serdaroğlu and Işın Çelebi. This proposal was submitted to the Head of Parliament’s Planning and Budget Commission as stated by law on June 17th, 1992. The proposal for the foundation of the Institute was accepted in the commission and the Grand Assembly of Trkiye on July 3rd, 1992 and published in the Official Gazette no. 21281 on July 11th, 1992. In this way, our institute which is composed of “Science Faculty”, “Faculty of Engineering”, “Faculty of Architecture”, “Institute of Engineering and Science” was founded in accordance with the law no. 3837.

Prof. Dr. Erdal Saygın (Lecturer at Ege University, the Faculty of Engineering) was assigned as the founding rector. The Founding Rector Prof. Dr. Erdal Saygın took office on November 11th, 1992 following the announcement of the establishment of the Institute in the Official Gazette no. 21401 on November 10th, 1992.

Rectors of IZTECH






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